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To save time, before traveling to LIB, don’t forget to activate your wristband and set up your Cashless account.


Here's how:


  1. Find the wristband code (UID) on the back of the wristband plate

  2. Go to and create a secure account quickly via social connect or Email 

  3. Select Lightning in a Bottle from the event list

  4. Input your credit card information, enter wristband code UID, and (optionally) create a pin code to finalize your wristband registration 

  5. Enjoy the show and the ease of not needing your wallet at all times. 

ALL vendors will be cashless this year at LIB! You will be able to use your festival wristband to purchase food, drinks, LIB merch, ice, showers and more at the festival site. Link your credit/debit card or load cash onto your wristband with our secure system, or plan to carry a credit card with a chip.


It's fast, your data is safe, your payments are secure, and you are free to hit the dance floor with less things in your pockets weighing you down!



The system will link directly to your wristband like a debit or credit card and will only pull from funds as you spend. You'll create an open credit card registration that's securely associated with your wristband's RFID unique identifier that will link directly like a debit/credit card for "limitless" spending throughout the event on all of your purchases. Once everything is linked up, you'll be able to swipe your wristband to purchase your drinks, food and more.


It's fast and seamless, so you’ll spend less time waiting in line for drinks/food, and you can take a dip in the lake without worrying about your wallet! 



NEW FEATURE for 2023 -  Credit Cards with a chip reader will be accepted at all POS locations.


You can load cash onto your wristbands onsite! Simply look for the Cashless HQ Booths located in the Box Office, Thunder and Woogie areas.


Any unused cash funds are available for refund onsite on Monday, May 29th. Just visit one of the Cashless HQ Booths on Monday during their hours: 9am-12pm. If you do not want to wait in line, please be sure to associate your email to your account and you will be refunded within 30 days post event (from May 29, 2023).



What does cashless mean?
Why cashless?
What company are you using for this?
Which vendors onsite are going cashless?
Are there any service/transaction fees associated with this system for attendees?
Can I use my credit or debit card to load money onto my wristband?
How does tipping work at vendors with this system?
Can I load cash onto my wristband?
Is there any other way to use my credit card directly?
Do I have to activate my wristband before arriving?
What is the link to activate my wristband and link my debit/credit card?
What are the steps to activating my wristband?
My card does not have a chip, what do I do? 
Can I activate my wristband onsite using Apple/Samsung Pay or using cards stored on my mobile phone? 
Can I link the same card to more than one wristband? 
Is my credit card information on my wristband? 
What is a PCI-compliant Vault? 
How much money should I load on my wristband? 
How is my unused cash refunded?
Does my pin code have to match the pin code for my credit/debit card? 
What if I forget the pin code I chose?
What if I need to switch the debit/credit card linked to my wristband?
Do I still need to carry my ID with me? 
What if I lose my wristband?
How long does my wristband stay active? 
Is this a secure form of payment? 
What if I need help with my wristband or payments onsite?
Additional Security Reassurance for our Attendees:
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