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The Compass is Lightning in a Bottle's immersive area that offers a diverse array of educational opportunities to engage the senses, expand the mind, and inspire community action.


Experience talks, workshops, and panels by world-renowned visionaries, experts, and thought-leaders in areas like indigenous cultures, psychedelic medicine, climate change, love & relationships, healthy eating, and so much more.


By immersing yourself at the Compass you’ll learn from the past and present in order to better integrate, collaborate, and thrive in our world’s future.



The Beacon is the Compass lighthouse - the central hub of our activity that hosts our keynote presenters during the day and headlining musicians and artists at night. It is a place to meet people to help cultivate a life of service, when at this time we need all hands and hearts on deck.


Our mission is to curate cultural experiences devoted to diversity, vitality, and inspiration. We highlight and give a platform to the culture crafters, bridge builders, pioneering leaders, peacemakers, light workers, and change makers that shape our world.



Crossroads is the meeting point where cultures across countries, timelines, and spectrums meet to share aspects of the story of global culture. Inspired by the souqs and marketplaces around the world, this is the home for storytelling through song classes, dance sessions, community ritual, live and traditional music from around the world and much more, with surprises hidden around every corner.


Crossroads travels the arc of day and night, from the morning sound healing sessions, to day time studies and training, and into late night shakedowns.



Dig into food-focused classes and workshops to feed and nourish your body in a variety of ancient and modern kitchen traditions. Amateurs and seasoned cooks alike will learn culinary techniques and the fundamentals of health, in order to cook with joy and confidence.

Learning Kitchen


Facilitated by the Academy of Oracle Arts, this container is dedicated to bringing forward an original approach to ancient teachings for the benefit of many generations into the future.


Ancient mystery teachings have lasted through the ages and have influenced many spiritual traditions and devotional practices, guiding us in attuning to the fabric of consciousness itself.


In this sacred space, we will be devoting our time to diving into mystical studies, interior divine work, and ritual principles and practices to transform our internal being and the external world. At the Oracle Cauldron, we become more aware of the responsibility of creators and thus we learn how to make every act an intentional and magical one.

Oracle Cauldon


This habitat will present content and culture-making educational sessions from a network of experienced facilitators and designers who work to enhance natural systems through the reintegration of biological and physical practices.


With the focus on ‘right relationship', there will be classes and experiential study for us to become more aware of our impact on, and heighten our understanding of the intelligence of nature, so we may foster a generational culture that works in harmony with the natural world.

Eco Hub


Embedded within the landscape of every human is the Memory Palace, a world of intelligence that is ripe for awareness that influences all of our choices and actions that make up the fabric of our worlds.


The Memory Palace at the Compass is an art gallery featuring unique visual artists from the underground who emphasize the uplifting of consciousness.


We also host educators, thought leaders, and transformation-based healers who assist people in engaging with the depths of personal and collective consciousness to help heal oneself and step into benevolent leadership in order to serve the world.

Memory Palace


When we calm the nervous system, relax the mind, surrender the body, and revel in the love of our bodies, we unwind and soften our hearts and spirit. We clear and empty our vessels, nourishing every part of our whole system.


The Haven is the place for divine embodiment to unfold. Here you will discover rejuvenation and holistic opening through the community of healers, bodyworkers, divination specialists, and transformation artists who will enhance all parts of self that influence our walk in life. It is best that guests register for sessions ahead of time as the spaces tend to fill up quickly.



Led by Living Village Culture, the Fireplace is at the heart of our offerings and is the hearth of the Compass and the festival. We initiate the weekend as the journey commences, and it is here we bring the experience to completion.


Being on the ancestral homelands of the Tejon Tribe, we follow their leadership and guidance in inviting them to light the fire at the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday. Each evening at sunset, we hold fire gratitude ceremonies led by Wisdom Keepers from diverse cultures around the world. Our dedicated fire keepers keep the fire lit throughout the night and it is then carried by a single flame throughout the day.


We invite you to come and be with the fire, tell your stories and connect with others.

Ceremonia Fire


Lightning in a Bottle partners with organizations that emphasize the idea of worldwide connection and well-being. These partners include Buckminster Fuller Institute, Academy of Oracle Arts, Ecological Renewal Alliance, Fungi Foundation, Ritual Community, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), and Life-Force Academy. Throughout the year, festival attendees can get involved with these partners who take direct action in alignment with the foundational ethos that Lightning in a Bottle is built on.

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