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Tejon Tribe  Billy Carson  Queen Afua
Psihoyos & Travis Threlkel

Indigenous Culture Revival in the Amazon
Rasu of the Yawanawa

Global Cooling via Ecological Intelligence
Amanda Ravenhill of Buckminster Fueller Institute

E.R.A. presents Mycelial Voices
Giuliana Furci,  Sophia Roe & Nat Kelley

Standing Against Psychedelic Capitalism
Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

Ancestral Healing & Reconnection
Daniel Foor

Hip Hop Culture & White Accountability
Lizzy Jeff

Revolution of Wealth in the Aquarian age​
Oath Oracle

Radiant Body: Activating Your Magnetism
Jai Dev Singh

Maya Tz'utujil Cacao Ceremony
Nana Marina Cruz

Prophecy Codes: Deeper into the Shaking
Grandmother Marza Millar

Rites of Lightning Ritual Theatre​
Unveiling the Magdalene

Ethnomycology in Africa
Darren Le Baron

Emergence of Venus
Rachel Rossitto, Baelyn Elspeth, & Isis

Encountering UFOs and Cosmic Cultures​
Dr. J.J., Desiree Hurtak & Alan Steinfeld

Doorway into Oracle Arts & Divination​
Isis Indriya

Regenerative Soil Practices and Juice
VIVE Organic

Praise Cheezus: Elevated Nut Cheese
Chef Perla + Elevation Eating

Slow Food & Sourdough Pizza
Zach + Kayla of Beloved's Bread

Green Keto: Bye Bye Sugar Cravings
Katelyn Louise of Pure Joy Planet

Curry Deconstructed: Ayurveda & the Spices of Life
Cristina Urioste + Rasa Foods

Sprouted Nut N.O.G.: Nectar of the Gods
Richard Pauwels + Rich Nuts


Regenerating Soil with Microbes
Cryptocurrency: The Ownership Economy
Queering the Liminal
Technology of Prayer
Fire-Adapted Communities: Building a Wildfire Resilient Future Transforming Self-Fulfilling Prophecies into Love
ResiliEnce of Chamorro Food​
... and many more!


Art of Benevolent Leadership in Ritual Community
Psychedelic JEDI Training
Hope in the Anthropocene
Ceremonial Chants & Medicine Music
Remote Viewing for Psychic Development
No Means No: How to (Not) Talk to CopS

Cacao: Honoring the Roots
Adrianna Peters

Fun with Fermentation
Christina Sasser

How to Make and Enjoy Mead
Andrew Maffey

Plant-Based Tuna Salad Party
Stephie The Superfood Goddess

Vegan Sushi​
Angela Nuhn

Chai Demystified
Ritu Riyat

Sacred Wildcrafting
Jenny Griffith

A Smoother Smoothie
Celeste Gross

Happy Gut, Happy You​
Caroline Brain

Ayurveda: Digestive Remedies​
Caylynn Rodecher

... and many more!