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Info & FAQ

General Festival Questions
I'm new to LIB. What should I know?
When and where is LIB?
What are the box office / gate / will call hours?
Is LIB an all ages event?
What if I’m under 18 and want to attend?
Who should I contact for general festival questions?
How can I get involved at Lightning in a Bottle?
Is there parking at the festival, and how much is parking?
What can I bring to Lightning in a Bottle?
Is there a lake at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area? Can we swim in it?
Is there grass at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area?
Will the music still run as late as in years past?
Can we bring boats or motorized vessels?
Will it be hot?
Will there be dust?
Will there be camping?
Will there be ADA services?
Will there be Lightning Buses?
Will there be Family Camp?
Will there be Boutique Camp?
Camping & RVs
Do I need to purchase a Car Camping Pass?
I have a Car Camping Pass and my friends do not. Can we camp together?
Does each person inside a vehicle need a car camping pass?
Is there Boutique (or EZ, luxury, etc.) Camping at LIB?
How big is each campsite?
Are there ins and outs?
What is the difference between the RV Passes?
What qualifies a vehicle Car Camping vs. RV Camping?
We have several RVs in our group, can we all camp together?
Can my friends with Car Camping Passes camp next to me in my RV Campsite?
What if I have a bunch of friends and I want to set up their tents and coolest dome ever right next to my RV?
Where is RV camping?
Can we have fires and open flame grills?
Can there be sound systems in campgrounds?
Are there showers in the campgrounds?
Tickets & Wristbands
When do tickets go on sale?
What does the VIP Festival pass include?
Do you have payment plans? How do the payment plans work?
What happened to the four-day pass?
Will there be two-day or single day tickets?
I can no longer attend LIB. Can I have a refund?
What happens in the event of a cancellation?
Who do I contact with a question or concern regarding purchasing tickets online?
What happened to the Early Arrival Pass?
Is there programming on Wednesday?
Can Atlaswyld Campgrounds purchasers arrive Wednesday?
Kids & Families
Can I bring my children to LIB?
What is the price of a festival pass for a child?
Is there a designated family camping? How do I register?
Is there a way to connect with other families attending LIB?
LIB 2021 Postponement and Ticket Transfers
What does this mean for those who had already transferred their ticket(s) to LIB 2021 or LIB 2022?
How will I get information or the link to obtain my ticket(s)?
What if I no longer have access to the email I used to make the original purchase?
How do I update my account information in Eventbrite?
What if I was on a layaway plan for LIB 2020, will what I had paid for transfer over to LIB 22?
I have given my transferred tickets to a friend, will they have any issues?
I want to sell my transferred tickets, what will I need to do to ensure the ticket(s) will remain valid?
What if we gifted our 2020 tickets?

**Important Notes:  All information regarding ineligibility for those who had filed chargeback claims still remains