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To Our LIB Family

Remember when we used to put our arms around each other, talk to strangers, and dance the night away? We do, and after the year we’ve all had we’d give anything to do that again with all of YOU. Unfortunately, we are still in the throes of this pandemic and despite promising vaccine news for later this year, we believe 2021 is still too soon for a safe and fun festival. 


The experience of Lightning in a Bottle has always been about exploration, discovery, and connection. It’s all about being socially close, not distanced. It’s about very few rules and regulations, not a long list of guidelines. We have no intention of diluting the LIB experience, so we’ve made the decision that Lightning in a Bottle will not be returning this year. Set your eyes on the horizon for the return of Lightning in a Bottle over Memorial Day Weekend 2022, where all of us can gather, hug, and dance without a worry in the world! The way it’s meant to be.


We are working hard during this time off to reimagine what LIB is and can be, and we couldn’t be more excited about the ideas we’re coming up with. We’re confident that when things return to normal, we’re gonna put on one of the wildest shows we’ve ever done. It’s gonna be bonkers. But for now, we will have to keep virtually dancing for just a bit longer. 


So what do we do about that festival withdrawal? We got you... Join us this Memorial Day Weekend (2021) as we level up for the second edition of DGTL LIB! If you were at the first one, then you know how crazy it was. Artists, creators, and YOU came together to give us all a little taste of LIB magic. We invite you to come down the digital rabbit hole once again, to dance with us under the (virtual) stars and celebrate the wonderfully weird and amazing community we have.


No matter what, know that we'll never stop creating art and magical experiences for you. Keep your chins up, spread kindness wherever you can, and remember that good times are coming.


See you all soon!




Jesse, Josh, Dede Flemming + The Do LaB Team


**Important Notes: For those who have submitted for a ticket transfer, be on the lookout for a direct email with more details.

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A Lineup to Remember

Take a trip down music memory lane. Each year we strive to deliver a festival lineup that doesn’t look like all the other festivals. We carefully curate artists across a variety of genres that bring something new, exciting, or different to the stage. Lightning in a Bottle is a place for discovery and exploration, so our music lineups reflect that. Remember the good times we’ve had dancing together over the years, and get excited for what’s to come!

What artists do you want to see at LIB 2022?

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